How long will I need to wait before flying home?

This depends on the procedure you receive. The table below is a guide for common treatments received abroad. These should only be used as estimates – Patients should always receive clearance from their treating physician before flying home. Procedure Wait Before Flying Comment Dental Implants 0 days Patients could allow […]

How do I get an interpreter?

Some clinics offer a medical interpreter as part of their service. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us to request an interpreter or a translation service. For most treatments, an interpreter will not be necessary.

Do I need a medical visa?

You may need a medical visa if the treatment you receive requires you to stay abroad for a long time. MedTourEasy will help you to obtain a hospital invitation letter, which you can then use as part of your medical visa application process. Otherwise, a normal tourist visa is fine. […]

Will my insurance company reimburse my treatment abroad?

Some insurance providers cover procedures performed abroad. Reach out to your insurance provider to learn about their guidelines on medical travel. If you are an EU citizen and are interested in having your treatment performed in another EU country, you may be able to get fully reimbursed. Find more information […]

Which payment methods do clinics accept?

Payment options are detailed in a clinic’s personalized quote. Most clinics offer payments via bank transfer, credit card, and cash. Some medical providers may not support all payment methods. There may also be surcharges for credit card transactions. Patients should check with their bank about surcharges and payment limits while […]

Do I have to pay in the local currency?

Not necessarily. The clinic’s quote will be in its preferred currency, and this is often the only currency it accepts. Currency preferences vary between clinics, but there are some general trends: In Hungary, clinics prefer payment in Euros. In Mexico and Costa Rica, clinics prefer payment in US Dollars. In […]

Whom do I pay for the treatment?

You pay for your treatment directly to the treating clinic or hospital. Payment can, in some cases, be paid through MedTourEasy. If you have paid a deposit, it will be deducted from your final payment.

When do I need to pay for my treatment?

Payment conditions vary both from clinic to clinic and by the type and complexity of treatment. In many cases, the clinic will ask you pay in-full on the first day of your treatment or after the course of treatment has been confirmed or updated. If you’ve already made a deposit, […]

Will my deposit get refunded if I cancel my appointment?

You may be entitled to a full refund if: You paid the deposit through MedTourEasy less than 14 days ago; or You paid directly to the clinic and the cancellation is made within the clinic’s free cancellation period if it has a free cancellation policy. Refund policies vary from clinic […]