What is MedTourEasy?

MedTourEasy is an online platform that connects patients with trusted medical providers globally. It is a service that helps patients to find medical facilities and to get treated in any medical specialty. Our mission is to provide access to quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of location, time frame, or budget. On […]

How does it work?

MedTourEasy makes it easy to find a treatment abroad. We provide you with all the information needed to find a medical provider, to get your questions answered, and to arrange your treatment. Here’s how it works: 1. Find trusted clinics and compare prices On MedTourEasy, you will find specialized providers for […]

What is Care Team Assistance?

Our Care Team Assistance service provides you with a personal assistant for your medical travel journey. Your assistant will help you both to compare prices and treatment options at different clinics and to answer questions about doctors or treatment at the hospital. The service also includes help to organize your trip: […]

What additional services can MedTourEasy provide?

Our Care Team can help you to: find and compare treatment offers from leading hospitals and clinics around the world communicate with clinics (we do it on your behalf) answer all of your questions about clinics, doctors, and procedures schedule appointments arrange your visa and hospital invitation letter book flights, […]

Is it safe to use MedTourEasy?

Yes! We are committed to upholding patient privacy and use state-of-the-art encryption in all transactions. We have never had a breach of patient privacy. We are also very serious about data protection: We undergo regular privacy audits, as required by German law, so patient confidentiality is assured. We share medical […]

How are patient reviews collected?

We have an integrated review system that ensures reviews submitted through our platform are 100% genuine. Every patient that underwent a treatment booked through MedTourEasy gets a unique link to review their experience. The provided feedback is immediately posted to the website. We post negative reviews, too, because we believe these […]

With whom is my medical data shared?

We share medical reports only with the trusted clinics in our network and only so patients can receive a personalized quote or receive an estimated cost from our Care Team. Patients can ask for their medical information to be removed from our records at any time.

Is MedTourEasy free to use?

Yes, you can use MedTourEasy for free, and most of the clinics we list are free to contact through us. For some hospitals (e.g. those that handle complex treatment requests), we ask for a service fee since cases through these hospitals take a lot of time to facilitate. These hospitals often accept […]